Water Baptism

Water baptism is celebration of the decision you made in your heart to follow Jesus Christ! Not only does the Bible command us to be baptized, but Jesus Himself was water baptized (Luke 3:21). So we are simply following His example and it is our next step after personally meeting Jesus! Water baptism declares: you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you have begun a changed life in Christ, and you are now part of the family of God!

"And he commanded them to baptized in the name of the Lord." – Acts 10:48

Next Steps to Be Water Baptized

  1. Decide when:
    We baptize at the Ventura Campus the first Sunday of each month after the 11:30am service.  Sign up here

  2. Invite Your Friends & Family
    Encourage those close to you to join you on this day of celebration!

  3. What to Bring
    Simply bring a change of clothes, along with a towel. Further instructions will be given during the service. 

Questions about Baptism?  

Our team is here to help! 
Email: info@thecityventura.org
Phone: (805) 642-7780